Bigotry LGBTQ+

June is PRIDE MONTH and a good time to shed light on the LGBTQ+ bigotry from Kanab, Utah in a two part series. This one displays the evidence of four categories: The 2008 Natural Family Resolution (not in slideshow format) PRIDE Symbols, PRIDE Supporters & Straight Pride Kanab hATeRIOTS Intolerance Rights The slideshows are improvedContinue reading “Bigotry LGBTQ+”

Tina & Jeff Collins, Louis Pratt, David Crosby & Hunter Cram

(updated 05/03/21) These posts by Tina Collins, David Crosby, Louis Pratt, Desiree Felish and Hunter Cram were selected from a festering sewer of Kanab’s bigots. Thank you for your submissions. This is only part of their activity which placed all of them on KURW Hatewatch. New &¬†Improved #1: by Tina and Jeff Collins of KanabContinue reading “Tina & Jeff Collins, Louis Pratt, David Crosby & Hunter Cram”