Understanding Social Media in Kanab: Groups, Pages & Individuals

This is an updated (09/06/2021) and re-published post from March which exposes the growing social media contribution to radicalizing extremists by Kanab FB Individuals on their personal pages, Kanab FB groups, and Kanab FB pages. Learn how to recognize social media activity of concern, those being radicalized, and WHAT TO DO about all of it.Continue reading “Understanding Social Media in Kanab: Groups, Pages & Individuals”

“Kanab Patriots” Recruits and Radicalizes Facebook Extremists

This post exposes extremist activity of local FB Page “Kanab Patriots” (formerly Kanab Conservative Activism), its leaders & followers (Meyeres, Schwilk, Kou, Pratt, Sanders, Miller, etc) and how residents can help (final section of this post). updated: 11/24/21 “Kanab Patriot” label added to photos on Hatewatch by KURW, 09/07/2021 added slideshow of Schwilk & Kou,Continue reading ““Kanab Patriots” Recruits and Radicalizes Facebook Extremists”