Do You Recognize These People?

If you know any of these people, understand that they were active, at time of photo, with Steve Corson who went to the Capitol Insurrection Jeff Schwilk founder of hate-groups in CA and FB extremist pages & rallies in Kanab Robert Brissette who Covid-coughed on two older women demonstrating for social justice. Some continue extremistContinue reading “Do You Recognize These People?”

Reforming Extremists on Hatewatch

Do not reduce this to political differences. Political differences are different approaches to addressing the same problem. Extremist rhetoric, bigotry & racism are morality differences with deep feelings of fear/anger/betrayal. Too many people are dismissing morality differences as political differences. Stop being blind to hateful activity because they are “good people” and help them becomeContinue reading “Reforming Extremists on Hatewatch”

You Can EASILY Help Reduce Bigotry & Extremism in Kanab

The easiest way to reduce on-line hate is to report posts and comments to the social media platform, and you can do that from home without confronting people. This slideshow gives you step by step directions and tips to do just that. For resources on how to intervene directly with people, see the resources sectionContinue reading “You Can EASILY Help Reduce Bigotry & Extremism in Kanab”

Capitol Arrests: 3 from Utah, 1 from St. George. $100,000 reward for information on pipe bombs and how to help FBI.

(updated 09/08/2021) This post provides FBI links & Sedition Hunter/Tracker sources to Capitol Violence with recently added photos, breakdown of arrests thus far, and how to report individuals you recognize. As of 04/06/2021, the arrests from the Jan 6th Capitol Siege include three Utah residents, one of which is from nearby St. George, Utah. KanabContinue reading “Capitol Arrests: 3 from Utah, 1 from St. George. $100,000 reward for information on pipe bombs and how to help FBI.”