Lodging 1: KANAB SUITES, John Schouten

John & Crystal Schouten live in Kanab and are owner/operators of Kanab Suites, since 2019. John is from Southern California and Crystal is a Kanab Aiken family member. John support bigotry of liberals posted in local FB groups including the “just leave” or “move back, you aren’t welcome” response. He has been a member ofContinue reading “Lodging 1: KANAB SUITES, John Schouten”

Do You Recognize These People?

If you know any of these people, understand that they were active, at time of photo, with Steve Corson who went to the Capitol Insurrection Jeff Schwilk founder of hate-groups in CA and FB extremist pages & rallies in Kanab Robert Brissette who Covid-coughed on two older women demonstrating for social justice. Some continue extremistContinue reading “Do You Recognize These People?”

Reforming Extremists on Hatewatch

Do not reduce this to political differences. Political differences are different approaches to addressing the same problem. Extremist rhetoric, bigotry & racism are morality differences with deep feelings of fear/anger/betrayal. Too many people are dismissing morality differences as political differences. Stop being blind to hateful activity because they are “good people” and help them becomeContinue reading “Reforming Extremists on Hatewatch”

History, Purpose & Criteria for Hatewatch

(update 05/03/21) After discovering that Kanab area residents Corson & Crosby were at the January 6th Capitol Insurrection, I shared Hatewatch with the public. Hatewatch is a list of individuals living in the Kanab, Utah area or acting in the area via social media group or partial-year residency who engaged in public extremist activity eitherContinue reading “History, Purpose & Criteria for Hatewatch”

Kane County Sheriff’s Office: Dan Watson, Landon & Colton Cram, Russ Whitaker

(updated 05/03/21) Dan Watson, Landon Cram and Colton Cram are employed by the Kane County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) and Russ Whitaker volunteers with KCSO Search and Rescue. Dan is the Jail Commander, Landon is a correction officer and Colton is a deputy. Nothing has been observed from Sheriff Glover or Lt. Alldredge, however, some familyContinue reading “Kane County Sheriff’s Office: Dan Watson, Landon & Colton Cram, Russ Whitaker”

iRepair: Desiree & Jeremy Felish

Desiree & Jeremy Felish opened iRepair in 2013. Desiree also works at Kanab Elementary School as support staff (see Exposed: Expel or Reform? School Employees) and Jeremy works as a K9 officer with Mohave County Sheriff in AZ. Desiree publicly shares and supports bigotry and extremist rhetoric on local FB platforms for hate Kanab/Fredonia Rant &Continue reading “iRepair: Desiree & Jeremy Felish”

Kim & Terry Blake, Desiree Felish, Alicia Cram, Casey Daley & Mason Fox

Kimberly Ford Blake, Terry Blake, Desiree Felish, Alicia Cram, Casey Daley & Mason Fox. As a retired educator, I understand the standards set for school employees in regards to public activity. I was relieved when only two names (Kim Blake and Desiree Felish) crossmatched with evidence that was already obtained. School personnel should at theContinue reading “Kim & Terry Blake, Desiree Felish, Alicia Cram, Casey Daley & Mason Fox”

Shabby Iris Cottage Cakery: Sarah Lofing

This review of evidence for Sarah Jane Lofing is at the request of a concerned resident who saw this statement by Katie Lambson, admin of local FB platform for hate Kanab/Fredonia Rant & Rave and agreed with it, having seen a few similar comments. The checklist (right) is the uniform tool used to determine HatewatchContinue reading “Shabby Iris Cottage Cakery: Sarah Lofing”

Big Al’s Burgers at the Junction: Rinda & Russell Alldredge

This post is the first of the series exposing bigotry and/or extremism shared publicly on social media by Kanab business owners. The individuals are listed on KURW Hatewatch. New & Improved with the name of their business. Rinda Alldredge and Russell Alldredge have shared and promoted bigotry and extremist rhetoric publicly. The Alldredge family owns andContinue reading “Big Al’s Burgers at the Junction: Rinda & Russell Alldredge”