Ammon Bundy’s People’s Rights Recruitment in Kanab. Kudos Kane County Office of Terrorism

This post is a re-release given Ammon’s arrest today, March 12, 2022 one year following his “conference” in Kanab at Kane County’s Kanab Center to recruit supporters of his anti-government network People’s Rights Movement (PRM). Information in 7 sections in order of most recent events from the time of the March 11, 2021 conference inContinue reading “Ammon Bundy’s People’s Rights Recruitment in Kanab. Kudos Kane County Office of Terrorism”

MEET THE 2022 CANDIDATES for Kane County Utah Election

Listed by seat, district or position (sections by seat/position follow) Listed alphabetically with notes of exposed extremism and/or bigotry Evidence note: Evidence by KURW only indicates that the person engages PUBLICLY in extremism and/or bigotry. Absence of evidence is not conclusive that the person does not engage privately in extremis and/or bigotry. There is noContinue reading “MEET THE 2022 CANDIDATES for Kane County Utah Election”

Racial Bigotry Part 1: Black History Month, Juneteenth, White Holidays & Violence

This KURW series is a special request for Black History Month. Part 1 (this post): Black History Month, White Holidays, Juneteenth & Violence Part 2: Slavery & Reparations Part 3 (coming March 2020): Systemic Racism, White Privilege, CRT Part 4: Black Public Figures, Bigotry & Racists The 35 people listed below either posted publicly orContinue reading “Racial Bigotry Part 1: Black History Month, Juneteenth, White Holidays & Violence”

Meet the Kanab Patriots (last names A-C)

One hundred and seventy five (175) area residents engage with Kanab Patriots FB page promoting hate, bigotry, disinformation, personal attacks, business attacks, extremism, war cries, carry weapons against neighbors, public health disregard and defense of criminal behavior including embracing locals who went to DC January 6th to attack democracy. This KURW post includes four sectionsContinue reading “Meet the Kanab Patriots (last names A-C)”

Kanab at DC Capitol Riot

(Updated 06/23/2022: with Crosby presentation added 01/09/22 Social media posts reveal that ELEVEN area residents and their family attended the Jan 5-6 Stop-the-Steal rallies and the J6 Insurrection at the Capitol in Washington, DC. ) The evidence and how to report are included in the following sections of this post: Law enforcement praise, Kanab CityContinue reading “Kanab at DC Capitol Riot”

Bigotry LGBTQ+ (Part Two of Three)

For Pride Month, KURW launched a three part series for LGBTQ+ bigotry on Facebook from residents in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona, specifically, Kane County (Kanab) and Fredonia, Arizona just across the border. Part One (view here) Part Two (this post) Part Three (coming 03/2022) Area history (Natural Family)Pride Symbols, Support & Straight PrideIntoleranceRights HomophobiaTransphobiaContinue reading “Bigotry LGBTQ+ (Part Two of Three)”

Understanding Social Media in Kanab: Groups, Pages & Individuals

This is an updated (09/06/2021) and re-published post from March which exposes the growing social media contribution to radicalizing extremists by Kanab FB Individuals on their personal pages, Kanab FB groups, and Kanab FB pages. Learn how to recognize social media activity of concern, those being radicalized, and WHAT TO DO about all of it.Continue reading “Understanding Social Media in Kanab: Groups, Pages & Individuals”

Camille Johnson Taylor, Kane County Office of Tourism 1.

(updated 09/06/2021) Camille Johnson Taylor is the current director of The Kane County Office of Tourism. She and spouse Carl Taylor reside in Kanab and are joined in extremism by Camille’s co-worker Alicia Hutchings and former staff Ken Gotzenberg and Vicki Hooper (featured in later post). Evidence is presented in three formats: list view comprehensiveContinue reading “Camille Johnson Taylor, Kane County Office of Tourism 1.”

Brissette 2021: Arrested. Violent Threats, AGAIN, then death.

(updated 11/12/2021 following Brissette’s death) Last year a video of Robert Brissette intentionally coughing on Black Lives Matter demonstrators went viral. This year he posted threats to Kanab residents and now he’s in jail before he could act. This post has seven sections: List of bigotry/extremism posted on Facebook Brissette’s Pattern of escalation 2020 sequenceContinue reading “Brissette 2021: Arrested. Violent Threats, AGAIN, then death.”

Do You Recognize These People?

(updated 12/07/21) If you know any of the people in the photos below, please contact KURW with their name, assigned letter and how you know that they are who you say they are. The reasons to know their identity are intervene before they escalate like the people with whom they have associated: Stephen Corson whoContinue reading “Do You Recognize These People?”