KURW Business Directory of Extremism & Bigotry

This compiles public social media posts, public activism & public legal records of area business owners. If any business owner was overlooked or has been misidentified as the owner, email mgalaria@protonmail.com. These business owners are all on KURW Hatewatch. For background on Hatewatch see History, Purpose & Criteria for Hatewatch. Updates: 11/23 add Southern Utah News.Continue reading “KURW Business Directory of Extremism & Bigotry”

The Lily Pad . Wendy Williams, Owner.

This post is by special request for a review of evidence for Wendy Williams, owner of The Lily Pad Consign & Thrift Store and The Lily Pad Airbnb. It was updated 11/13/2021/ Slideshow of Evidence for Wendy Williams, The Lily Pad Wendy was presented on KURW Hatewatch from its beginning in March 2021. The imageContinue reading “The Lily Pad . Wendy Williams, Owner.”

Lodging 2: Burro Flats High Desert Lodge, Nicholas & Celeste Meyeres

(updated 09/06/21) Nicholas and Celeste Meyeres worked at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary before opening Burro Flats in-home lodging in 2016. Celeste also serves on Kanab City Council. Celeste moved to Kanab from MT/OR/CA. Nicholas moved to Kanab from KS/IN/CO/OH with his former partner Sarah. Celeste uses FB pages Celeste Meyeres Utah Conservative and Celeste MeyeresContinue reading “Lodging 2: Burro Flats High Desert Lodge, Nicholas & Celeste Meyeres”

iRepair: Desiree & Jeremy Felish

Updated 07/21/2021 to add Call to Fight by Phil Cloughesy, retired LEO 07/17/2021 to include support of Vetere’s involvement at DC Capitol Jan 6 Stop-the-Steal 07/17/2021 added Google slideshow. Desiree & Jeremy Felish opened iRepair in 2013. Desiree also works at Kanab Elementary School as support staff (see Exposed: Expel or Reform? School Employees) and JeremyContinue reading “iRepair: Desiree & Jeremy Felish”

Shabby Iris Cottage Cakery: Sarah Lofing

(updated 09/06/21). This review of evidence for Sarah Jane Lofing is at the request of a concerned resident who saw this statement by Katie Lambson, admin of local FB platform for hate Kanab/Fredonia Rant & Rave This post has three sections List View of Evidence Slideshow of Evidence Background for review and actions taken ListContinue reading “Shabby Iris Cottage Cakery: Sarah Lofing”

Big Al’s Burgers at the Junction: Rinda & Russell Alldredge

This post (updated 11/24/2021) is the first of the series exposing bigotry and/or extremism shared publicly on social media by Kanab business owners. Rinda Alldredge and Russell Alldredge have shared and promoted bigotry and extremist rhetoric publicly. The Alldredge family owns and operates Big Al’s Burgers at the Junction. Rinda is married to Alan AlldredgeContinue reading “Big Al’s Burgers at the Junction: Rinda & Russell Alldredge”

Trinity Church (Fredonia): Clifford Smart & Sondra Colton

(updated 05/03/21) Religious leaders are tasked with the well-being of individuals and the well-being of communities. When they promote extremist rhetoric and bigotry should they be expelled or reformed? Let’s look at the evidence from a local minister Clifford Henry Smart of Fredonia, AZ . For those who are reading from outside of this region,Continue reading “Trinity Church (Fredonia): Clifford Smart & Sondra Colton”