Susan Michelle South

(updated 04/16/2021) A concerned Kanab resident asked for a review of Susan Michelle South because their personal knowledge and experience with Susan Michelle South did not warrant her inclusion on Hatewatch. New & Improved. Previous reviews can be viewed here Hatewatch: Request to Reviw Cram, Pattons, Collins & Bunting-Erickson This posted review is more detailed andContinue reading “Susan Michelle South”

Kanab City Police Department: Chief Tom Cram & Officer Dustin Bundy

(Updated 03/11/2023). This post exposes bigotry & extremism from Kanab City Police Chief Tom Cram, felonies by officer Clint Brinkerhoff 2022, officer Dustin Bundy’s bigoty and describes interactions which I had with many officers and the mayor during the summer of 2020. The question to the Mayor, City Manager and residents of Kane County isContinue reading “Kanab City Police Department: Chief Tom Cram & Officer Dustin Bundy”