Meet Your City Officials 2022

(updated 01/12/2022). This post was prompted by the open seat on city council which was filled January 03, 2023. Kerry Glover was selected by the Kanab City Council to replace Celeste Meyeres as she leaves her council seat to join the Kane County Commission. This post is the first in the series “Meet Your PublicContinue reading “Meet Your City Officials 2022”

MEET THE 2022 CANDIDATES for Kane County Utah Election

SEE UPDATED POST Meet the Candidates: Kane County Commission & School Board Election¬†2022 Listed by seat, district or position (sections by seat/position follow) Listed alphabetically with notes of exposed extremism and/or bigotry. Primary results 06/30/2022: Extremists and bigots narrowly ahead with 300 ballots remaining. Meyeres & Kubeja, endorsed Kanab Patriots, projected to win both countyContinue reading “MEET THE 2022 CANDIDATES for Kane County Utah Election”