Bigotry LGBTQ+ (Part 1 of 3)

June is PRIDE MONTH and a good time to shed light on the LGBTQ+ bigotry from Kanab, Utah in a three part series.

This one displays the evidence of four categories:

  1. The 2006 Natural Family Resolution (not in slideshow format)
  2. PRIDE Symbols, PRIDE Supporters & Straight Pride Kanab hATeRIOTS
  3. Intolerance
  4. Rights

Part Two features Homophobia & Transphobia: Bigotry LGBTQ+ (Part Two of Three).

Part Three will feature Trans Athletes & Sports Bans: Coming late July.

The slideshows are improved to include photos and list of bigotry of each person who posted AND who engaged with the post, as well as links to related posts.

To add posts that you have seen from any social media site, or for corrections, email

Prominent Post

Crystal Mognett is mother-in-law of Hunter Cram (son of Police Chief Tom Cram), from Fredonia and once employed by USPS.
Crystal (right) and daughter Celeste Breanne Cram

Natural Family Resolution 2008

Understanding LGBTQ+ bigotry in Kanab through the unanimous vote of the City Council for the 2008 “Natural Family Resolution” stating that

“Kanab envisions a local culture that upholds the marriage of a woman to a man and a man to a woman as ordained by god”

Watch the documentary by Chris Howard “Natural Family Values: A Community Divided”, see more details at and the summary following Mognett’s post below.

Mognett’s post reflects how the Natural Family Resolution is embraced by some. This was posted as a reply to a young, local resident who was called homophobic slurs by some at Mognett’s MAGA rallies. You can see other posts of Calls to Fight by Mognett & supporters of this post (Hutchings, Chavez, Bistline & Lewis) at Calls to Fight: Against Neighbors & Against US Government

1995 LDS Church Proclamation for cities to enact these laws and that those cities which follow “statute” will be favored by God. A resolution was drafted by Sutherland Institute, Authored by Paul Mero, and sent to 232 city and county councils across Utah October 2005. The Kanab City Council (James Sorenson, Tony Chatterly, Carol Sullivan, Terill Honey, and Mayor Lawson unanimously adopted the resolution January 20, 2006.

After public outcry, council member Carol Sullivan makes a motion to rescind the resolution, and no council member seconds the motion. The mayor portrayed Sullivan as hurting her gender and painting herself a victim to absolve herself of previous action. Mayor Lawson also wrote to the school board to criticize them for allowing a high school senior to voice his opinion in “Cowboy Currents” of the S.U.N. and promoted a conspiracy of a “gay agenda” because of the “Everyone Welcome Here” decals displayed by businesses.

Business decal

Speakers at the City Council meeting from Howard’s Documentary

Those who spoke to defend equalityThose who spoke in favor of resolution
Tom Padgitt, WWII VeteranMayor Lawson
Tom GallagherSpeaker 1: “go to SanFran or Santa Fe”
Dixie Brunner, former co-owner S.U.N.Speaker 2: “god destroyed two cities for this abomination
Ruthie ItowSpeaker 3: “freedom from offense is not guaranteed by Constitution”
Matt LivingstonAnnie Sorenson: “Natural Family is a basic standard”
Jo Ann Rando-moon. Kimberly Willoughby: “the kids of single-parent families are the ones who get into trouble. I want a community who believes in having children”
Sky Chaney
Victor Cooper, owner Rocking V Cafe

PRIDE Symbols, PRIDE Supporters & Straight Pride Kanab hATeRIOTS

The local FB page “Kanab Patriots” Recruits and Radicalizes Facebook Extremists, which began in response to Black Lives Matter events in Kanab, takes issue with the PRIDE flag and PRIDE month declaring June Straight Pride. Some state that symbols of Christianity should return to government buildings because the Pride Flag flies there. Some take issue with the Rainbow, explaining that the rainbow was a safety symbol from god, not to be used by those whose sins caused the Biblical flood. They include business owners, public officials, veterans and a SoCal hate group founder Jeff Schwilk.


Intolerance from veterans, animal lovers, first responder, educators/school staff, public official, business owners, county office of tourism, pastor, and youth therapy director. They blame the objects of their bigotry for causing their intolerance: “I never cared that you were gay until YOU started shoving it down my throat….now I care and my patience and tolerance are gone…”


I cannot even describe this bigotry, selfishness and hate from a public official, business owners, a veteran, and neighbors. I can only to respond with

email for corrections or submissions.

Published by mgalaria

I resided in the Kanab, Utah area from 2009 throughout 2020. I am reformed right, 15 years now, with most family members still far-right. I lived 37 of my 48 years in rural America. I created KURW after I discovered that two people from Kanab who I knew were at the Jan 6th Capitol Insurrection and the continued threat warning from DHS regarding the far-right movement. Studies show new trends in extremist characteristics, feelings of fear/anger/betrayal, an increase in social media recruitment and incitement, and radicalization as quickly as six months. I had a lot of documentation from covering the six months of weekly Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter and MAGA events in Kanab. I used that documentation, public posts on social media, contribution from community members and outside organizations to create Hatewatch because I feel like that is the best way that I can address the call for awareness.

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