Calls to Fight: Against Neighbors & Against US Government

On personal FB pages, Kanab Patriots/Kanab Conservative Activism, Kanab/Fredonia Rant & Rave, Kanab Unclassified, Utah Patriots, Armed Forces Tea Party Kanab area residents post calls to fight neighbors, the US Government, Social Justice demonstrators nationwide and some veterans state they’d fight to protect their families but not for the USA.

Their posts are categorized by topic and date range following the list of names and the supporters or as a Google Presentation at the end of this post.

The list of names are categorized by potential to influence. The names with a link have specific posts of their evidence, those without can be seen on KURW Hatewatch but have no posts of their evidence, yet.

Remember, if you can intervene please do so. Here are some options:

  1. If you see an imminent threat call 911
  2. If you see plans for violence notify FBI, details in this post Capitol Arrests: 3 from Utah, 1 from St. George. $100,000 reward for information on pipe bombs and how to help FBI.
  3. If you know the person, some guidance Reforming Extremists on Hatewatch.
    • Keep in mind Utah Stalking Law. Help without stalking (two or more contacts) and beware of retaliation by the angered individual who can easily abuse the civil stalking injunction. This has already happened in Kanab.
  4. Screenshot and report posts to FB. If repeated, call law enforcement You Can EASILY Help Reduce Bigotry & Extremism in Kanab

Who Posts Calls to Fight and Who Supports?

  • People who post or support these current calls to fight and have considerate potential to radicalize by the frequency of posts, number of followers, number of different platforms used and/or position in the community:
  • People who posted the current calls to fight and have less potential to radicalize because they lack followers and/or do not use multiple platforms
  • People who supported the current calls to fight who are often followers of multiple extremists with various attempts on other people’s pages or in local groups.
    • Ellen Lamb, owner of Bryce-Zion Campground
    • Nataly & Brittany Bistline of Fredonia, AZ
    • Sandy Rosdahl & Russ Whitaker of Kanab, UT
    • Judy Woolley of Kanab, UT
    • Kenneth Guinn (veteran) of Kanab, UT
    • Christopher & Casey Franklin of Kanab, UT
    • Steve White of Kanab, UT
    • Steven Kvamme owner of Clucking it Up Farms of Glendale, UT
    • Bobbi & Jeff Lewis owners of Kanab Laundromat & Car Wash
    • Desiree Felish Kanab public school employee & owner of iRepair of Kanab, UT
    • Wade Heaton, Kane County Commissioner, Duck Creek, UT (not on Hatewatch)
    • Hal Johnson, Kane County Commissioner, Kanab, UT (not on Hatewatch)
    • Robert Van Dyke, Kane County Attorney of Kanab, UT (not on Hatewatch)
    • Robert Brissette of Kanab, UT at Brissette 2021: Arrested. Violent Threats, AGAIN.
    • Brenda Goodnow of Glendale, UT
    • Joy Skroblus Downen of Kanab, UT
    • Jayme Lyn Church of Kanab, UT
    • TJ & Kamie Houston of Kanab, UT
    • Kim England owner of Kanab Villa
    • Dan Watson of Kanab, UT at Kane County Sheriff’s Office: Dan Watson, Landon & Colton Cram, Russ Whitaker
    • Jennifer Aiken of Kanab, UT (not on Hatewatch)
    • Calleen Ramsay owner of Ciao Bella Brows in Kanab, UT
    • Shayne VanAusdal of Kanab, UT
    • Ethan Archbold of Kanab, UT
    • Britney, Chrissy & William Kim Judd of Fredonia, AZ (not on Hatewatch)
    • Tulsi Esplin of Cedar City (not on Hatewatch)
    • Phil & Kym Cloughesy, retired law enforcement CA temporary Kanab residents
    • Sandra Chadwick of Tuscon, AZ
    • Shelly Veal Wayne of Kanab, UT
    • Vanessa Dayle Rae Waggoner (Vanessa Robertson) of Kanab, UT
    • Ken Gotzenberg of Kanab, UT retired from Kane County Office of Tourism
    • Michelle Tait Jones & Brandi Kuhl of Kanab, UT
    • Kimberly Ford Blake, Kane County School District of Kanab, UT
    • Carol Kershaw of Kanab, UT (not on Hatewatch, wife of City Council Member Byard Kershaw from AZ)
    • Rosalie Coleman of Kanab, UT (not on Hatewatch)
    • Don & Teresa Sprecher of Kanab, UT
    • Jeff Hines of Kanab, UT (not on Hatewatch)
    • Donelle Bailey of Kanab Utah (not on Hatewatch)
    • Susan Michelle South of Kanab, UT
    • Debra Bush of Kanab, UT (not on Hatewatch)
    • Marilyn Kurtz of Kanab, UT (not on Hatewatch)
    • Clayton Cox
    • Chris Paul of Kanab, UT (not on Hatewatch)
    • Adam Rogers of Kanab, UT (not on Hatewatch)

Current Calls to Fight

The evidence for 2021 Calls to Fight is separated into Post-Insurrection (Feb-current) and Circa-Insurrection (Dec 20 – Jan 31), followed by 2020 topics.

Post-Insurrection Calls to Fight (Feb 01 – May 30, 2021)

Reasons for Calls to Fight after the insurrection include election fraud/illegitimate president, continued social justice protesters, Antifa, socialism, racial equality efforts (training, teaching, “canceling”), loss of freedom, self-protection, public health guidelines & mandates and LDS religious calling. Special groups or rallies include Ammon Bundy’s People’s Rights Militia, Worldwide Freedom Day and Save America Kanab Rallies.

Circa-Insurrection Calls to Fight (Dec 20 – Jan 31, 2021)

For more about area residents’ involvement at J6 Capitol Insurrection see previous post Kanab “Patriots” at the Capitol Insurrection and Local Law Enforcement Praise.

The day after the Insurrection, Vaelyn Mackelprang posted to “Step up and TAKE IT BACK, starting with our schools” and 38 people responded in support including:

  • Fredonia: Nataly Bistline, Crystal Mognett, LaVal Sawyer, Nolyne Anderson, Denise Judd Mackelprang, Anisa Kaiser, Daisy Jean Ballard Johnson, Jennifer Black, Denise Judd Mackelprang,
  • Kanab: Brenda Button, Polly Leach White, Susanna Hunt Fitting, Jon Farr, Angela DeMille, Earlene “Sugar” Mutchie, Tammie Smith,
  • Glendale/Orderville Area: Ellen Lamb owner of Bryce-Zion Campground, Casey & Christopher Franklin
  • StG/Hurricane Area: Albert Sivils, James Knowles, Celeste Johnson, Mary Beth Lowder Price (Operating Room IMRHospital), Chris Mendez, Danielle Memmott Stephenson, Bryant Christensen, Jeff & Laurie Knowles of Cedar City, Andy & Tabitha Carman, Kynlee Iverson Mitchell, Robert Evans, Dustin Mackelprang
  • Not in Area: Leann Johnson, Kansas; Peggy Evans, Prescott AZ; Shane & Ronda Lowder, Medford OR; Kelly King, Cortez CO/SLC; Brandi Bundy, Kingman AZ; “N”ile Richard Sawyer, West Jordan UT; Naomi Kraemer, Flagstaff AZ; Roxanna Simpson, Alpine AZ; Michelle Tait Jones, OR (Kuhl);

2020: Calls to Fight Your Neighbor

For more about area residents behind local extremist pages see previous post “Kanab Patriots” Recruits and Radicalizes Facebook Extremists. Kanab Patriots was Kanab Conservative Activism (June 2020 – March 2021) which branched from Kanabians for Slow, Sensible Growth managed by hate-group founder Jeff Schwilk and partner Tana Kou now of Kanab, UT, previously of CA.

The main reasons for fighting your neighbors were that they support/ed: Black Lives Matter, mask mandates, Antifa or gun control.

2020: Calls to Fight Public Health Guidelines

March 19, 2021, the Kane County Commission issued an early end to the Utah State mask Mandate still in force until April 10, 2021 (see final three slides). This defiance was present throughout 2020 and promoted by other public officials including Celeste Meyeres of Kanab City Council and Camille Taylor of Kane County Office of Tourism. There were protests of the state of emergency and protests at Kanab schools promoted by Celeste & Nicholas Meyeres and Kanab Patriots.

County officials responsible: Robert Van Dyke, KC Attorney; Andy Gant, KC Commission Chair; Wade Heaton & Brent Chamberlain, KC Commissioners. Also see those present on slide 8 at end of executive order and the Covid-Task Force list on final slide. Their contribution in support or in opposition is unknown.

2020: Calls to Fight Federal Government





Published by mgalaria

I resided in the Kanab, Utah area from 2009 throughout 2020. I am reformed right, 15 years now, with most family members still far-right. I lived 37 of my 48 years in rural America. I created KURW after I discovered that two people from Kanab who I knew were at the Jan 6th Capitol Insurrection and the continued threat warning from DHS regarding the far-right movement. Studies show new trends in extremist characteristics, feelings of fear/anger/betrayal, an increase in social media recruitment and incitement, and radicalization as quickly as six months. I had a lot of documentation from covering the six months of weekly Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter and MAGA events in Kanab. I used that documentation, public posts on social media, contribution from community members and outside organizations to create Hatewatch because I feel like that is the best way that I can address the call for awareness.

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