Big Al’s Burgers at the Junction: Rinda & Russell Alldredge

Updated 09/06/21 to add evidence to other businesses section.

Updated 07/21/21 to add evidence for Rinda

This post is the first of the series exposing bigotry and/or extremism shared publicly on social media by Kanab business owners. The individuals are listed on KURW Hatewatch, with the name of their business. Rinda Alldredge and Russell Alldredge have shared and promoted bigotry and extremist rhetoric publicly. The Alldredge family owns and operates Big Al’s Burgers at the Junction. Rinda is married to Alan Alldredge of Kane County Sheriff’s Office. There have been no public displays by Alan.

Rinda & Russell Alldredge

Rinda Alldredge
Russell Alldredge

Their bigotry : liberal move-ins, social justice & police reform advocates, Islamaphobia, environmentalists

and extremist rhetoric includes: Covid conspiracy, election fraud, Russian hoax, stolen freedoms & calls to fight, religious extremism, secret combinations, Biden removal, anti-government, anti-mask, support extremist groups (Ammon Bundy’s People’s Rights Militia & Kanab Patriots, local extremist page.)

SLIDESHOW of EVIDENCE for Rinda & Russell Alldredge

Other Business Owners Displaying Bigotry and/or Extremism

This list is a combination of business owners that had already been identified on Hatewatch and a list posted by FB Extremist Page “Kanab Patriots”. If there is no public post by the owner, then they are not yet included on KURW Hatewatch, only on Kanab Patriot’s list.

Bail Bonds & Jackson Insurances, Larry Jackson

Blue Sky Plumbing & Photo Unlimited, owner Bill Blasdell

Burro Flats High Desert Lodge, owners Celeste & Nicholas Meyeres

See Feature Post Lodging 2: Burro Flats High Desert Lodge, Nicholas & Celeste Meyeres

Cedar Post Pawn Shop & Guns, owner Adam Rogers,

Connor’s Landscaping, owners Trent & Lacey Connor

Crosby Home & Farm Center, owner David Crosby.

Featured in a previous post Kanab “Patriots” at the Capitol Insurrection and Local Law Enforcement Praise and confirmed Kanab Patriot (see slideshow below)

Clucking It Up Farm Goods, owners Steven & Tracy Kvamme.

  • Steve & Tracy are on Hatewatch for: supporting attendance of DC Stop-the-Steal turn insurrection by mayoral candidate Sindi Vetere, business owner David Crosby and 89A corner shouting Steve Corson, promoting election fraud, referring to public health supporters as fascists, celebrating the closure of a local business which was targeted for supporting BLM 2020, conspiracy theory to 2020 election, awakening silent majority, ridiculing women’s march vagina heads, conservative neighbors posts for liberal neighbors to shut-up or move back to city, using mental health slurs against opposition and customers, targeting activists, supporting counter protests to BLM events in Kanab, promoting concept that accepting cancel culture is weakness, supporting 2021 Save America Rally by Robert Brissette (assault BLM women) & Steve Corson (Insurrection), supporting known hate-group founder and anti-immigration activist Jeff Schwilk, #mybodymychoice for masks, refer to mask wearers as “brain-dead libtards” and “maskhole fascists”. This is one example of how he feels about his Democrat customers.

Crickets Creations, owner Celeste Meyeres

See feature post City Council: Celeste Meyeres

DM Builders, owner David Donn

Glazier’s Supermarket, owners Kevin & Mary Glazier.

Insurance by Jay Sharp

Insurance by Larry Jackson

iRepair, owners Jeremy & Desiree Felish

See feature post iRepair: Desiree & Jeremy Felish

Joyful Interiors, Joy Skroblus Downen

Kanab Laundromat & Car Wash, owners Bobbi & Jeff Lewis

Kanab Suites, owner John Schouten.

Feature post Lodging 1: KANAB SUITES, John Schouten

Kanab Villa, owner Kim England on Hatewatch

Kitchen Kreations, Owners Stacey & Jerry Hutchings

Let’s Do This Landscaping, owner Casey Cox.

Casey is on Hatewatch for supporting the Jan 6th Insurrection, promoting LBGTQ+ bigotry, Calls to Fight, supporting 2021 Save America Rally by Robert Brissette (assault BLM women) & Steve Corson (Insurrection)

The Lily Pad Consign & Thrift Store, owner Wendy Williams.

See Feature Post The Lily Pad . Wendy Williams, Owner.

Longhorn Hideout Wounded Veterans Family Retreat, owner Joseph Lamica.

Featured in previous post Kanab Veterans Engage in Extremism, Reflecting National Trend and confirmed Kanab Patriot (see slideshow below)

Musician, new band with Chris Paul & Julia Shumway

Patton’s Handyman Service, owners Chris and Elizabeth Patton.

Featured in previous post Alicia Cram, The Pattons, Tina & Jeff Collins, and Susan Bunting Erickson and confirmed Kanab Patriot (see slideshow below)

Photography by Alicia, owner Alicia Cram.

Featured in previous post Alicia Cram, The Pattons, Tina & Jeff Collins, and Susan Bunting Erickson

Red Rock Homes, owner Mike Reed.

The Shabby Iris Cottage Cakery, Sarah Lofing

See feature post Shabby Iris Cottage Cakery: Sarah Lofing

Sinclair Fuel, owner RosaLie Coleman

Tour Guide, Jim Anderson

Trinity Church Fredonia. Acting pastor Clifford Henry Smart

featured in previous post Series: Expose and Expel or Expose and Reform? Religious Leaders and confirmed Kanab Patriot (see slideshow below)

and confirmed Kanab Patriot (see slideshow below)

Patriot List from Kanab Patriots

  • True Value/Lumber Plus, owner Terril Honey. There is no public posting by owner, only inclusion on Kanab Patriot post.
  • Muley Crazy, owner Ryan Hatch. There is no public posting by owner, only inclusion on Kanab Patriot post.

This list was posted on FB Extremist Page Kanab Patriots. Read more about this group on a previous post “Kanab Patriots” Recruits and Radicalizes Facebook Extremists. Because this page is rife with inaccurate information and a page administrator is known for publicizing false information about people and businesses, I can only attest to public postings (see slideshow below) because Kanab Patriots asked to be messaged as well. If you own one of the businesses listed and are not a far-right extremist, you should post on their page to have your business removed.

Published by mgalaria

I resided in the Kanab, Utah area from 2009 throughout 2020. I am reformed right, 15 years now, with most family members still far-right. I lived 37 of my 48 years in rural America. I created KURW after I discovered that two people from Kanab who I knew were at the Jan 6th Capitol Insurrection and the continued threat warning from DHS regarding the far-right movement. Studies show new trends in extremist characteristics, feelings of fear/anger/betrayal, an increase in social media recruitment and incitement, and radicalization as quickly as six months. I had a lot of documentation from covering the six months of weekly Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter and MAGA events in Kanab. I used that documentation, public posts on social media, contribution from community members and outside organizations to create Hatewatch because I feel like that is the best way that I can address the call for awareness.

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