KURW Business Directory of Extremism & Bigotry

(updated 11/20/2022) This compiles public social media posts, public activism & public legal records of area business owners. If any business owner was overlooked or has been misidentified as the owner, email mgalaria@protonmail.com. Many of these business owners are on KURW Hatewatch.

For background on Hatewatch see History, Purpose & Criteria for Hatewatch.

Please, use this list of evidence to guide where you spend your money or not. The list of evidence is NOT COMPLETE for the people they support because 1/2 of those files have not yet been processed. Please, if you are comfortable and you believe your conversation will be well received, have meaningful, compassionate discussions with the business owner about their public comments and what those mean to you. Print their list of evidence because in some cases, people aren’t aware of how extensive their hate/anger is and/or how they are contributing to hate/anger of others. If you need some pointers for action, read Reforming Extremists on Hatewatch.

Updates Nov 2022: Added Plexus Wordlwide by Marson Keller, Sinclair by Calie “Shade Bliss” Cox-Gibbs & Trenity Gibbs, Pioneer Aviation by Ali & James Riordan, Aces Mobile Detail by Adam Flynn

10/2022: Added Brown Earth Farms of Colleen & Tyrel Brown. 08/2022: added Emily Brown Koelliker of Brown Box Bakehouse, sale of business by Crosby & Southern Utah News. 06/18/22, added Sindi Vetere of A-Action Sanitation. 02/18/22, Added Boyd Corry of Kanab Custom Meats. 01/06/22: Added evidence for Chris Cox, Shields Roofing. 01/01/22: Updated Let’s Do This by Casey & Caitlin Cox. 12/10 A da Z Unlimited Nail Salon by Ada Chatterley. 11/23 add Southern Utah News by Neal Brown. 11/18 add Lloyd Millett Appraisal, 11/10 for Red Rock Yoga Tez Lyons & Ecosyn Services by Neal Sawyer Brown, 11/08/2021 for Cedar Post Adam Rogers. 09/23/21: Add Shield Roofing by Chris Cox and Jeff Lewis Construction. Updated 09/24/21 to add Total Blinds, LLC by Russell Alldredge and Connor & LaRisa Edwards.

Below is a list of the businesses by category in spreadsheet format followed by the evidence of the owners in alphabetical order by business name.

**Added: Brown Earth Farms , Pioneer Aviation

There are some sections in progress and not yet added below.

A-Action Sanitation, Sindi & Wes Vetere

Sindi went to the January 6th Capitol Riot along with 10 other Insurrectionists from Kanab Area. She ran for Kanab Mayor upon her return (Meet the Candidates: Kanab Mayor & City Council 2021).

Other business owners, first responders & family, healthcare providers/family, & school staff supported her participation at J6 Capitol Attack:

  • Coral Hills Dentistry (Matt Kelly, see following section),
  • iRepair (Desiree Felish, school staff & spouse of Mohave County K9 Deputy)
  • Clucking it Up Farms (Steven Kvamme, see following section)
  • Brown Earth Farms (Colleen Brown, see following section)
  • Kanab Laundromat & Carwash (Bobbi Lewis, see following section) & Lewis Excavation & Removal (Jeff Lewis, see following section).
  • spouses of veterans (Bonnie Riding)
  • fire fighter/EMS Kasey Ramsay,
  • former school staff (Rosemary Chatterley & Desiree Felish),
  • spouses of physicians (Jill Baker Cluff).

See these previous KURW posts for extremism and bigotry from Vetere

A & A Hard Earned Honey, Alan Seilhammer

A da Z Unlimited Nail Salon, Ada Chatterley Nelson

Aces Mobile Detailing by Adam Flynn

Adam supports the January 6th attack on the US Capitol through calls to fight by Utah Public Lands Attorney and Red Level Hatewatch Hayden Ballard and yet disparaged voters in cities with Black Lives Matter protests and disinformation about Kanab protests & George Floyd conspiracy. Flynn praises Trump for rooting out “secret combinations” and blames the liberal elites with socialists agendas for destroying American Dream & its figure head, Trump. He encourages bigotry of Democratic move-ins to the area and dismisses exposure of extremism & bigotry by KURW as “she is a certifiable nutcase.”

Adventure Tour Company, Jayme & Norris Church

Alicia Cram Photography

In addition to owning her own business, Alicia worked for Kane County Schools. She is married to Kane County Sheriff’s Deputy Colton Cram and both are featured in KURW post Meet Your Neighbors: Red Level

One of KURW’s earliest posts was a request to review Alicia Cram, The Pattons, Tina & Jeff Collins, and Susan Bunting Erickson. Alicia uses FB group Kanab/Fredonia Rant & Rave for her platform for hate which includes support of Insurrection with threat of more violence and promoting political conspiracy theories and misrepresenting Kanab 89/89A BLM & ALM rallies. She supports the local FB extremist group Kanab Patriots , extremist Vaelyn Mackelprang and insurrectionist David Crosby. Extremism from those two sources call for violence (hang politicians & weapons against neighbors), targeting businesses and individuals who support Black Lives Matter. She encourages division including the support of multiple posts “I’d rater be American than a Democrat.” Her core of violence is reflected in the support of Kanab School staff Terry Blake’s post describing a combat type scenario (armed, toe-to-toe, studied enemy) of the MASK CHOICE process in Kane County Schools.

Colton’s evidence also reveals a thirst for violence, promoting division & hate, and support of the “Big Lie.” As an officer of the law, he posted publicly that the Kanab residents opposing Steve Corson’s Stop-the-Steal at 89/89A “are the crazy ones.” YET…

Alton Lodge by Wade Heaton

Wade is the Chair of the Kane County Commission and serves on the governing board of Western Kane County Special Services District and the Kane County Covid Task Force.

Wade Heaton encouraged extremist LDS calls to fight from current commission write-in candidate Camille Johnson Taylor, equating public health measures to martial law (see below). This Board of Commissioners did call Kanab Patriots a Hate Group but the also declared early termination of statewide mask mandate (see below). The County Attorney, Van Dyke, did misapply vehicle laws to pedestrians in response to 2020 protests (see below), in a joint press release with the County Sheriff and Chief of Police (these law enforcement links are for other extremism/bigotry not about the protest/sidewalk error).

Amazed Photography & Guide by Shelly Wayne

Shelly engaged with hate platforms, Kanab Patriots & Kanab/Fredonia Rant & Rave (KFRR), after posting on her personal page that she would no longer post anything to anger anyone with politics & riots. On KFRR she joined KPD Officer Bundy and Robert Brissette in the “just leave” reaction to liberals. On Kanab Patriots she liked their defense and misreporting of Robert Brisette’s assault / hate speech case and mocking the closure of a local business owned by one of the women he coughed on, joining in commenting with misinformation about her signs in her business window.

Shelly wasn’t the only business owner who mocked the closure of another business. So did:

Baer Family Farm, Kathryn & Scott King

Kathryn King is the daughter of Larry Baer and she and Scott have been operating their family farmer’s market as Larry ages. Scott’s profile states that he is also employed as an EMT by Kane County Hospital. Scott’s evidence reveals homophobia, deep anger of liberals, support of uprising against government and racism. Scott follows local extremist page Kanab Patriots & celebrated the closure of a local business which they targeted for months for the owner’s liberal views (see slideshow in section above, Amaze photography). They follow two of the five people identified for their ability to radicalize, Vicki Huntington Hooper & Denise Judd Mackelprang.

Bail Bonds & Jackson Insurances, Larry Jackson

Larry Jackson also works as a tour guide for Kanab Tour Company. His evidence reveals bigotry (migrants, welfare, LGBTQ+, liberals), distrust of American democracy and support of the DC Insurrection attendance by David Crosby of Crosby Home & Farm Center. Read about other locals at the insurrection: Kanab “Patriots” at the Capitol Insurrection and Local Law Enforcement Praise

Big Al’s Burgers, Rinda Alldredge

The Alldredge family owns and operates Big Al’s Burgers at the Junction. Rinda is married to Alan Alldredge of Kane County Sheriff’s Office. Rinda and son, Russell, were featured in an earlier post Big Al’s Burgers at the Junction: Rinda & Russell Alldredge for their extremism and bigotry including conspiracy theories, Release the Kraken and opposition to public health safety during the pandemic. There have been no public displays by Alan and Rinda asked to have their other children added to the “Patriot List” for extremism and bigotry. Only Rinda and Russell are on KURW Hatewatch.

Blue Sky Plumbing & Photo Unlimited, owner Bill Blasdell

Bill Blasdell served as Chief of Kanab City Police for eight years until he resigned in 1993. Today, he joins Chief Cram in support of David Crosby, Kanab “Patriots” at the Capitol Insurrection and Local Law Enforcement Praise. His evidence reveals that the same far-right screams of 2020/21 were used during Obama’s election/presidency: sheeple vaccines, coming for guns, Nazi/Hitler comparisons & censoring. Bill promotes covid misinformation, Islamophobia, LGBTQ+ hate, bigotry of migrants & welfare and the “big Lie” of election fraud.

Brown Box Bakehouse, owners Emily Brown Koelliker & Lacee Brown

KURW has no evidence of bigotry or extremism posted publicly by co-owner Lacee Brown, however, there is some evidence for Emily Brown Koelliker. Emily’s activity does not warrant inclusion on KURW Hatewatch although she encourages bigotry, extremism and conspiracy posted by those featured in Public School Employees. Kane County School District and Meet Your Neighbors: Red Level.

Brown Earth Farms, owners Colleen & Tyrel Brown

Colleen Brown supports & promoted the January 6 Insurrection activity & disinformation by her sister-in-law Sindi Johnston Brown Vetere. She supports conspiracy theories shared by some of the Red Level Neighbors and by the spouse, Jessica Johnson, of the current Kanab Mayor & teacher, CJ Johnson. Colleen promoted and supported actions against public heath guidelines along with Celeste Meyeres (chair KC GOP, Kanab City Council, 2022 Candidate for KC Commission) and Utah Parents United. She encouraged Celeste’s bigotry of race, gender, and LGBTQIA2S.

October 2022, Colleen took to the Southern Utah News to spread disinformation, misinformation, conspiracy, & denial/dismissal of bigotry and extremism exposed by KURW Hatewatch through a letter to the editor presented below in 3 images. This is in regards to Pat Horning, Camille Taylor & Celeste Meyeres from KURW post Meet the Candidates: Kane County Commission & School Board Election 2022.

Bryce-Zion Campground, owner Ellen Lamb

Civil war & hanging politicians! This post by Vaelyn Sawyer Mackelprang was also supported by Fredonia Head Start Director Sharon Goodnow, Kanab Schools employee Alicia Cram married to KCSO Deputy Colton Cram & owner of Alicia Cram Photography, and Christopher Franklin who declared candidacy for Kanab Mayor 2021.

Ellen also engages a lot with “Grace Ann Christian” who is Lois & Steve Corson of Glendale. Lois & Steve carried a cross to DC in 2011, held weekly rallies at 89/89A in 2020 (All Lives Matter, BLM Hate Mob, Schools Kill USA, Stop-the-Steal) before Steve and his brother became Kanab “Patriots” at the Capitol Insurrection and Local Law Enforcement Praise.

Burro Flats High Desert Lodge, owners Celeste & Nicholas Meyeres

See KURW feature posts:

and KURW posts with inclusion of Celeste

Cedar Post Trading, owner Adam Rogers

Updated 11/08/2021

Adam Rogers ran for Kane County School Board in 2016. His public posts include conspiracy theories, calls to stop the Democratic Party & media as the greatest enemy of the USA, calls for LDS to fight NOW as enlightened LDS are the only ones who can save the Constitution by Camille Taylor of KC Office of Tourism, attacks on science, misinformation about FB censoring and Afghanistan aid to enrage people, LGBTQ+ Trans Hate/Mockery, & anti-vaccine posts. Other business owners/managers who follow/engage in same posts: Bobbi & Jeff Lewis of Kanab Laundromat & Carwash, David Crosby of Crosby Home & Farm Center, Stacey & Jerry Hutchings of Kitchen Kreations, Craig Brinkerhoff of Stawz Waterin’ Hole & Fixin’s, Dave Ferguson of Kanab Preparedness Group, Peter Banks of Coral Hills Family Dentistry, Butch Page as Kanab Santa, Hayle Clark of Wingate Wilderness Therapy, James Riordan owner of Pioneer Aviation, Clayton Brown guide for Western Rivers.

Cliffview Chapel, Red Cliffs Chapel by Douglas & Tricia Hounshell

The Hounshell’s support




Russia hoax and those leading Russia investigation compromised by CCP 2020 by Rinda Alldredge (owner Big Al’s & KC Sheriff’s wife)

Deals for Days “Kanabazon” & Kanab Storage by Vicki and Brittany Hooper

For now, see KURW post Meet Your Neighbors: Red Level and find Vicki Hooper. Vicki’s bigotry, extremism & conspiracies are endless, even gaining the support of Kanab City Police Chief Tom Cram for Trump’s Cracken 2021.

Clucking It Up Farm Goods, owners Steven & Tracy Kvamme.

I first noticed bigotry from Tracy when I was on their farm and she referred to an irrigation system as “African-American rigged.” Then I noticed that Steve “liked” a hateful post by US Veteran Kenneth Guinn which described THE LEFT as demonizing police, unsympathetic to victims of criminals and making heroes out of criminals (if they are black). I made notes on that post (see slideshow above), messaged it to Tracy with a request to cancel my farm membership. I had been a patron of the Kvammes since they owned a restaurant where La Bella salon is now. They honored my request to cancel and denied the bigotry.

Since then, Steve has supported Kanab Patriot’s targeting businesses & activists for liberal causes including Black Lives Matter. He supports “the big lie” and DC Stop-the-Steal turn insurrection by 2021 mayoral candidate Sindi Vetere (daughter of Shawna Cox, regional rep for Ammon Bundy’s People’s Rights Militia), business owner David Crosby and 89/89A Steve Corson. Steve would always mask up when I asked, but he supports referring to public health supporters as “fascists” , “anti-science maskholes”, “brain dead libtards” and co-opting “My Body My Choice”.

His hatred of liberals shows most clearly in the post by Noelle Carroll (see slideshow above) explaining the 2020 vote was not for Trump because of Trump, but for Trump because of YOU divisive, intolerant, ignorant, woke liberals glorifying abortion, criminals & destroying USA. He continues to support Robert Brissette (assault BLM women) & known hate-group founder and anti-immigration activist Jeff Schwilk.

Connor’s Landscaping, owners Trent & Lacey Connor

Coral Hills Family Dental, by Peter Banks & Matt Kelly

Peter & Matt each showed support for two different Kanab “Patriots” at the Capitol Insurrection and Local Law Enforcement Praise. Peter for David Crosby:

…and Matt for Sindi Vetere (Mayoral Candidate 2021, daughter of Shawna Cox, regional representative for Ammon Bundy’s People’s Rights Militia.

Peter and wife Jessica also promote election fraud and deny systemic racism & white privilege.

Crickets Creations by Celeste Meyeres

See KURW feature posts:

and KURW posts with inclusion of Celeste

Crosby Home & Farm Center, owner Luke Crosby (former owner J6 David Crosby)

From Southern Utah News

After attending the J6 Attack on the US Capitol, David Crosby transferred his business to one of his sons, Luke, and took a lead mission position in Chile with the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS, Mormon). David owned Crosby Home & Farm Center since 1995. KURW has no evidence of public bigotry or extremism from Crosby’s sons, so below is the evidence from David.

David Crosby is featured in a previous KURW posts:

Below are some screenshots of his public posts

Below is a Google slideshow of his evidence with links to KURW posts of others who engaged with his posts

DM Builders, owner David Donn

Ecosyn Services by Neal Sawyer Brown

Intolerance of: LGBTQ+, non-white race, Democrats, foreign born, non-Christian featured post from Bigotry LGBTQ+ (Part 1 of 3)plus support of violence by Geoffrey Broadbent featured in Violence at Their Core: Geoffrey Broadbent, Jeff Schwilk, Coby Glover, Robert Brissette, Hunter Cram & Kym/Phil Cloughesy

Correction “writer for S.U.N. is Neal Brown not Neal Sawyer Brown

Fox Cleaning Service by Laura Fox

In process

Laura is a US Veteran and supporter of local hate group Kanab Patriots (now Kanab Conservatives). She encouraged their posts of racism, LGBTQ+ bigotry and political hate of democrats and progressive residents of Kanab. On another local hate platform, Kanab/Fredonia Rant & Rave, Laura supported “Break the chains of slavery Constitution classes” posted by Red Level Patriot Crystal Mognett and led by Shawna Cox, Ammon Bundy’s regional representative for his People’s Rights Network. She further encourages bigotry & extremism by others on KURW Hatewatch like Wendy Williams and Marylin Kurtz.

Glazier’s Supermarket & Stage Stop Chevron, owners Kevin & Mary Glazier.

Links from image above:

Healing Heart Prints & DoTerra Oils by Denise Judd Mackelprang

For now see Meet Your Neighbors: Red Level and find Mackelprang.

Hitchin’ Post RV Campground by Jo Messersmith Neil & Mike Neil

in Process, summary (below) with links to Kanab at DC Capitol Riot and Brissette 2021: Arrested. Violent Threats, AGAIN, then death.

Insurance by Jay Sharp

Insurance by Larry Jackson

Larry Jackson also owns Beehive Bail Bonds (see above) and works as a tour guide for Kanab Tour Company. His evidence reveals bigotry (migrants, welfare, LGBTQ+, liberals), distrust of American democracy and support of the DC Insurrection attendance by David Crosby of Crosby Home & Farm Center. Read about other locals at the insurrection: Kanab “Patriots” at the Capitol Insurrection and Local Law Enforcement Praise

iRepair, owners Jeremy & Desiree Felish

See feature post iRepair: Desiree & Jeremy Felish

Jeff Lewis Construction

See Kanab Laundromat & Car Wash for now

Joyful Interiors, Joy Skroblus Downen

Links for the above image:

Kanab Custom Meats, owners Boyd & Don Corry

Boyd Corry sits on the Kanab City Planning Commission and his posts or supports of extremism and bigtory can be seen at KURW posts:

Boyd Corry supports extremism & bigotry posted by several Red Level Neighbors including Louis Pratt of Kanab Liquors , Celeste Meyeres Kanab City Council & Burro Flats Lodge, Harriet Perkins Kanab City Crossing Guard and Dan Watson Jail Commander at Kane County Sheriff’s Office.

Kanab Laundromat & Car Wash, owners Bobbi & Jeff Lewis

Bobbi and Jeff, Meet Your Neighbors: Red Level, support the January 6th Stop-the-Steal by their brother David Crosby and Sindi Vetere who recently ran for mayor and Steven Corson who continues Save America 2021 demonstrations at 89/89A. They were my neighbors in Kanab, quickly took to supporting “Kanab Patriots” Recruits and Radicalizes Facebook Extremists sabotage and intimidation efforts , displaying Back the Blue yard signs and MAGA flags and shouting from their vehicle at Black Lives Matter demonstrators with their frequent passes. They oppose public health guidelines for Covid, promote misinformation and co-opt My Body My Choice. Their bigotry includes LGBTQ+ hate, dislike of liberal move-ins and encouraging bigotry by others while supporting a move-in & California hate group founder Jeff Schwilk. Bobbi and Jeff support calls to fight by Vaelyn Mackelprang and LDS specific by Camille Johnson Taylor, Kane County Office of Tourism 1.

Kanab Liquor Package Sales by Louis Pratt

See feature post Louis Pratt for his extensive bigotry.

Kanab RV Corral, owner Dale Taylor

Dale thanked Dave Crosby for going to Trump’s Stop-the-Steal D.C. to disrupt Congress formally certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s win and to pressure Vice President Mike Pence and Republican lawmakers to refuse to seat Biden based on fabricated election-fraud claims. Crosby was one a few Kanab “Patriots” at the Capitol Insurrection and Local Law Enforcement Praise

Kanab Suites, owner John Schouten.

Feature post Lodging 1: KANAB SUITES, John Schouten

Kanab Villa, owner Kim England

Kim encourages hate & extremism on local platforms Kanab Patriots and Kanab/Fredonia Rant & Rave. She also engages with Lois & Steve Corson who held weekly All Lives Matter rallies at 89/89A in Kanab, Stop-the-Steal Kanab and Steve was one of a few Kanab “Patriots” at the Capitol Insurrection and Local Law Enforcement Praise.

Kitchen Kreations of Kanab, Owners Stacey & Jerry Hutchings

La Bella Salon, owner Calleen Ramsay

Larry Rose Construction

Let’s Do This Landscaping, owner Casey Cox.

Casey & Caitlin Cox both support Kanab Patriots extremist group, unmask students protests and Covid disinformation & divisiveness. Casey supported Kanab “Patriots” at the Capitol Insurrection and Local Law Enforcement Praise and calls to fight including violence.

The Lily Pad Consign & Thrift Store, owner Wendy Williams.

See Feature Post The Lily Pad . Wendy Williams, Owner.

Lloyd Millett Appraisal Services

Lloyd & spouse Linda, Kane County Budget Office, support bigotry/extremism posted publicly by Louis Pratt (owner Kanab Liquor), Vicky Hooper (former Kane County Tourism), Gay & Derik Brinkerhoff, David Crosby (Jan 6 Insurrection, owner Crosby Home & Farm) Fayann Christensen, Rhonda Franklin, and on Kanab/Fredonia Rant & Rave.

Longhorn Hideout Wounded Veterans Family Retreat, owner Joseph Lamica.

Featured in previous post Kanab Veterans Engage in Extremism, Reflecting National Trend. Joseph engages with local extremis page Kanab Patriots and joined the Back the Blue counter protest to Kanab’s March for Black Lives & Justice for All.

(evidence to be added)

Lotsa Motsa Pizza, owner Vicky Romero

Musician, new band with Chris Paul & Julia Shumway

Patton’s Handyman Service, owners Chris and Elizabeth Patton.

Featured in previous post Alicia Cram, The Pattons, Tina & Jeff Collins, and Susan Bunting Erickson. Elizabeth joined local extremist page/group Kanab Patriots shortly after moving to Kanab. Her public social interactions include DC Insurrection attendee Steve Corson, hate group founder Jeff Schwilk, and covid-cough on BLMers Robert Brissette.

Photo Unlimited & Blue Sky Plumbing, Bill Blasdell

For now, see above section “Blue Sky”

Pioneer Aviation by James & Ali Riordan

Ali & James Riordan have lived in Kanab for five years and own Pioneer Aviation. Presented is an image of the summary of their bigotry and extremism followed by a Google Presentation of detailed evidence for each.

Google Presentation with clickable links

Plexus Nutrition Sales Ambassador, Marson Keller

Marson Keller is a US Veteran,retired deputy with the Kane County Sheriff’s Office and a supporter of hate group Kanab Patriots. Keller is listed as a Gold Ambassador for Plexus Worldwide. Keller supported J6er David Crosby’s post from the Capitol Attack declaring Romney a traitor and false flag Antifa. He posts and encourages LGBTQ2SIA+ bigotry, defiance of public health Covid safeguards, USA 2020 holocaust analogies, conspiracy, disinformation & opposition to social justice demonstrations & social equity efforts.

Politically he supported posts encouraging people not to vote for Trump during the 2016 primaries and also posts claiming that the protests of Trump’s election is exactly why he was elected. Years later, he supported posts “I still trust Trump more than anyone in DC” just one day after the violent capitol attack.

This is a summary of Marson Keller’s extremism and bigotry.

Red Rock Homes, owner Mike Reed.

Mike Reed encouraged posts of extremism & bigotry by Denise Mackelprang (read New DHS Bulletin: Threat to USA by Anti-Vax, Anti-Mask Extremists (Part 1) and Cole Brown of Kane County Sheriff’s Office supported by other are law enforcement. Read more about local law enforcement in two posts Kanab City Police Department and Kane County Sheriff’s Office: Dan Watson, Landon & Colton Cram, Russ Whitaker

Red Rock Yoga Studio, Tez Lyons

Tez responds (left) to a neighbor (right)

The Shabby Iris Cottage Cakery, Sarah Lofing

See feature post Shabby Iris Cottage Cakery: Sarah Lofing

Shield Roofing, owner Chris Cox

Sinclair Fuel, former owner RosaLie Coleman, current owners Trenity & Calie “Shade Bliss” Cox-Gibbs

Sinclair fuel station was owned by RosaLie Coleman. Now, Sindi Brown Vetere of J6 Capitol attack (see Insurrectionists from Kanab Area) is listed as the property owner and a sibling, Calie “Shade Bliss” Cox-Gibbs is the operator. Calie Cox-Gibbs is the daughter of Shawna Cox, area representative for Ammon Bundy’s People’s Rights Network and founder/leader of Kane County’s Committee of Safety supported by newly elected Kane County Commissioner Patty Kubeja.

Trenity & Calie’s bigotry & extremism exposed in the Google presentation below and includes: conspiracy, insurrection support, election fraud, bigotry (LGBTQ2SIA, welfare, immigration, political), violence, calls to fight, Trumpism, outrage at media & social justice actions & protests.

RosaLie Coleman, former Kanab Citcy Council member, former owner of Sinclair, mother of KPD Sgt. Darrin Coleman and Kane County Hospital staff engages with Red Level Hatewatch neighbors supporting bigotry (LGBTQ2SIA, political) , conspiracy, USA doom, disinformation of social justice & social equity actions and support of Robert Brissette’s anger at liberal neighbors just one month before he covid-coughed on BLM demonstrators, then was arrested for threats to liberals.

Stage Coach Chevron & Glaziers Market, Mary & Kevin Glazier

For now, see Glazier’s Market above

Strawz Waterin’ Hole & Fixin’s by Craig & Jessika Brinkerhoff

Sugar Knoll Construction, Travis Franklin

The evidence for Travis is part of the “Franklin Family” slideshow below.

Southern Utah News, owner Andy Gant, former owners Neal & Megan Brown

Andy Gant, SUN owner 2022

Andy Gant & spouse Rhonda Pollock Gant have been active Kanab voters since 1994. Both have Kane County positions. Andy serves as chair of Kane County Commission and is a member of Garkane Energy Board. Andy was elected to the Commission in 2018 when he beat Shawna Cox, regional administrator of Ammon Bundy’s People’s Rights Movement and in 2022 lost in the primary to Patty Kubeja (see Meet the Candidates: Kane County Commission & School Board Election 2022 for the extremism & bigotry from current candidates). Rhonda works as Human Resource Director of Kane County, owns Women’s Forum in Kanab, and is the sister-in-law of Mike Noel via his marriage to Rhonda’s sister Lydia Pollock Noel.

Neither are included on Hatewatch by KURW and KURW has evidence of only two public posts of engagement on FB and a list of actions decided by the commission with his comments.

For context to the second post (by Camille Taylor) see KURW post Bundy Recruits Kanab then his PRM Assaults Officer in Idaho and Patriot Prayer Joins. Kudos Kane County Office of Terrorism.

Following the evidence is a list of actions decided by the commission and his comments.

  • 2021 Resolution designating Kane County a 2A Sanctuary County
    • “I understand the concern and that is why we are doing this resolution”
  • 2021 Prop 10 comments regarding Electric Vehicle Shuttles for East Zion Project
    • “the money is there, if we use it or not or if it is tainted by the federal government”
    • “In regards to Garkane Energy, we are okay now, but we have an energy baseload problem coming for this county that will be out as fast as flipping a light switch. The problems that California has created in this process as they buy up everything on the market, we’ve got some crap coming our way with price increases and the hydro at Meade & Powell and the loss of WOP.”
  • 2021 Veterans & Property Tax
    • “My comment about the military was completely uninformed and inappropriate“, his email reply when contacted for his motivated comment that military & veteran spending is worse under Biden Administration when in fact it has increased (military & veteran spending 2021
  • 2019 Southern Red Sands Frac Sand Plant Process
    • “I have no recollection of discussing investors [Mitt Romney & Kem Gardner], and if I said it I was lying” see KUER article for context of quote, personal & county business overlap, family ties.

Neal Brown, SUN owner 2021

Neal Brown is still a reporter for the SUN following his sale of the paper to Andy Gant. Brown’s public bigotry centers on homophobia and his extremism on Christofascism and limiting rights & liberty.

Total Blinds, LLC. Owners Russell Alldredge & Connor Edwards

For now, see Big Al’s Burgers at the Junction: Rinda & Russell Alldredge

Tour Guide, Jim Anderson

Trinity Church Fredonia. Acting pastor Clifford Henry Smart & Pastor Sondra Colton

featured in previous post Series: Expose and Expel or Expose and Reform? Religious Leaders

Watson & Associates Truth Verification Consultants, by Dan Watson

For the most complete information on Watson see Kane County Sheriff’s Office: Dan Watson, Landon & Colton Cram, Russ Whitaker

Younique Beauty Presenter, Celeste Cram

Celeste’s evidence can be viewed as part of the slideshow “Cram Family” below. Her mother, Crystal Mognett is featured in Bigotry LGBTQ+ (Part 1 of 3)

Published by mgalaria

I resided in the Kanab, Utah area from 2009 throughout 2020. I am reformed right, 15 years now, with most family members still far-right. I lived 37 of my 48 years in rural America. I created KURW after I discovered that two people from Kanab who I knew were at the Jan 6th Capitol Insurrection and the continued threat warning from DHS regarding the far-right movement. Studies show new trends in extremist characteristics, feelings of fear/anger/betrayal, an increase in social media recruitment and incitement, and radicalization as quickly as six months. I had a lot of documentation from covering the six months of weekly Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter and MAGA events in Kanab. I used that documentation, public posts on social media, contribution from community members and outside organizations to create Hatewatch because I feel like that is the best way that I can address the call for awareness.

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