iRepair: Desiree & Jeremy Felish

Desiree Felish

Jeremy Felish


  • 07/21/2021 to add Call to Fight by Phil Cloughesy, retired LEO
  • 07/17/2021 to include support of Vetere’s involvement at DC Capitol Jan 6 Stop-the-Steal
  • 07/17/2021 added Google slideshow.

Desiree & Jeremy Felish opened iRepair in 2013. Desiree also works at Kanab Elementary School as support staff (see Exposed: Expel or Reform? School Employees) and Jeremy works as a K9 officer with Mohave County Sheriff in AZ. Desiree publicly shares and supports bigotry and extremist rhetoric on local FB platforms for hate Kanab/Fredonia Rant & Rave and Kanab Patriots and Celeste Meyeres Utah Conservative. There is no observed activity by Jeremy.

This post has three sections: Support Jan 6th Stop-the-Steal, display of three most concerning posts, and a slideshow of the evidence.

Support Jan 6th Stop-the-Steal

Desiree supported Sindi Vetere’s involvement in Trump’s Big Lie. Sindi is one of several extremists/bigots running for city office 2021. Meet the Candidates: Kanab Mayor & City Council 2021. Read about other locals at the Insurrection Kanab “Patriots” at the Capitol Insurrection and Local Law Enforcement Praise

Desiree’s Three Posts of Most Concern

These are the three most concerning posts.

  1. Fight: Take Back Our Country June 26, 2020 (upper left)
  2. promoting criminal police brutality January 9, 2021 (upper right)
  3. Combination of resisting racial equality, hypocrisy of business owner’s choice, support of extremist page Kanab Conservative Activism/Kanab Patriots, and promoting false narrative Black Lives Matter “thugs” (lower)


While most of Desiree’s public posts were anti-Black Lives Matter, she also showed support for

For corrections and/or additional evidence, email

Published by mgalaria

I resided in the Kanab, Utah area from 2009 throughout 2020. I am reformed right, 15 years now, with most family members still far-right. I lived 37 of my 48 years in rural America. I created KURW after I discovered that two people from Kanab who I knew were at the Jan 6th Capitol Insurrection and the continued threat warning from DHS regarding the far-right movement. Studies show new trends in extremist characteristics, feelings of fear/anger/betrayal, an increase in social media recruitment and incitement, and radicalization as quickly as six months. I had a lot of documentation from covering the six months of weekly Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter and MAGA events in Kanab. I used that documentation, public posts on social media, contribution from community members and outside organizations to create Hatewatch because I feel like that is the best way that I can address the call for awareness.

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