Racial Bigotry Part 1: Black History Month, Juneteenth, White Holidays & Violence

This KURW series is a special request for Black History Month.

  • Part 1 (this post): Black History Month, White Holidays, Juneteenth & Violence
  • Part 2: Slavery & Reparations
  • Part 3 (coming Oct 2022): Systemic Racism, White Privilege, CRT
  • Part 4: Black Public Figures, Bigotry & Racists

The 35 people listed below either posted publicly or engaged with a public post of bigotry of Black History Month, Juneteenth or violence of black people. Red font indicates those featured in KURW post Meet Your Neighbors: Red Level

Red font indicates Red Level Neighbor.
Spouse names: listed first indicates included below, in parenthesis indicates no evidence, without parenthesis indicates evidence of other extremisms/bigotry or a shared account

As always, use KURW Reforming Extremists on Hatewatch as a resource to help reduce extremism & bigotry. The fourth section of this resource explains the 3 Ss and 3Ds to use as a guide for conversations of bigotry. The 3 Ss : Slavery, Segregation, Slammer. The 3 Ds: Deny, Distance, Dismantle.

This series of posts for Black History Month features those on Hatewatch by KURW at the Deny & Distance stage.



Links for KURW posts for the people who liked the above post by Celeste Meyeres:

BRENDA BUTTON in other KURW posts:



The two posts about Juneteenth were shared from “Grace Ann Christian” who is LOIS CORSON & STEPHEN CORSON of 89/89A rallies and the DC Capitol Riot.

LOIS & STEPHEN CORSON “Grace Ann Christian” of 1776RM and J6 Capitol Riot, in other KURW posts:

KEN GOTZENBERG, retired County Tourism Director, in other KURW posts:

SEAN CROSBY in other KURW posts:


LOUIS PRATT, former County staff & owner of Kanab Liquors, in other KURW posts

JIM BAKER in other KURW posts: Meet Your Neighbors: Red Level

RUSS WHITAKER, KCSO Search & Rescue & Iron Rock Engineer, in other KURW posts:

LLOYD MILLETT, retired County Appraiser, in other KURW posts:

KURW Business Directory of Extremism & Bigotry

CAROL KERSHAW has no previous KURW posts and her spouse, Byard Kershaw, is a red level elected public official.

PETE SAWYER is not on KURW Hatewatch so has no previous posts. A summary of his bigotry & extremism:

  • POSTS BIGOTRY: White Pride, Obamas created 2020 chaos, Defund CRT, leave America,
  • POSTS EXTREMISM: false flag J6, Pelosi caused J6
    • “eliminate BLM thugs & violent protesters” by former SLC law enforcement officer Ryan Nielson
    • “hang politicians in front of the White House…” by family member Vaelyn Sawyer Mackelprang
  • SUPPORTS BIGOTRY & EXTREMISM (conspiracy, disinformation & calls to fight) posted by friends featured in Meet Your Neighbors: Red Level, including: Vicky Hooper, Ryan Nielson, & Vaelyn Mackelprang

For corrections & to submit screenshots, email mgalaria@protonmail.com

COMING SOON Part 2: Slavery & Reparations

Published by mgalaria

I resided in the Kanab, Utah area from 2009 throughout 2020. I am reformed right, 15 years now, with most family members still far-right. I lived 37 of my 48 years in rural America. I created KURW after I discovered that two people from Kanab who I knew were at the Jan 6th Capitol Insurrection and the continued threat warning from DHS regarding the far-right movement. Studies show new trends in extremist characteristics, feelings of fear/anger/betrayal, an increase in social media recruitment and incitement, and radicalization as quickly as six months. I had a lot of documentation from covering the six months of weekly Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter and MAGA events in Kanab. I used that documentation, public posts on social media, contribution from community members and outside organizations to create Hatewatch because I feel like that is the best way that I can address the call for awareness.

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